Re: NEWBIE: Running a perl conversion script

From: Daniel Wickes (
Date: 04/11/99

        If you ask me, the UNIX way is better for almost everything when compared to
the DOS/Windows way.  Today the FTP which comes with Windows balked at me for
uploading a file without any '\r's in, claiming it was possibly corrupt!?

> (The latter, the UNIX way, by the way, is better, as the \r adds one more
> byte to each line of the file.  Carriage returns serve no purpose in
> files.)

        In fact, the only thing UNIX doesn't compare with Windows on is speech
recognition.  Maybe I have just spent more time training the system in Windows
and that's why "Die, Windows, die!" responds 9 times out of 10, spontaneously
rebooting or freezing, when compared with the (albeit never used but for
testing purposes) unreponsive "Die, Linux, die!"...

-- Daniel

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