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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 04/11/99

<< I want two snippets that I can't find.    >>
Want, want, want... hmph.

<<   The map I have seen before but can't find.  >>

<< The combine thing I  hope you can help me with if its not already done. >>

Not quite "combine thing."  We call it object stacking.

Speaking of having trouble finding... about 1 minute to load up my browser
and Ceramic Mouse to get the object stacking..another minute to walk over to and get the URL for Ascii maps.

Personally, I think writing your email to the list took more time than it
would've if you actually just looked for the snippets yourself.

B. Brown
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Adding code to your MUD... (*new*)
  -  How to Patch... - guide to patching code in by hand.
  - Latest BPL of CircleMUD... - on the CircleMUD ftp site.
  - OasisOLC - to build online in your MUD.
  - DG Scripts - M. Helipern's page.
  - FTP-contributed code - on the CircleMUD ftp site.
  - Code Snippets - Ceramic Mouse.

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  - Chapter 2 - Adding Classes
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