Re: [compiling probs][redhat 52]

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/11/99

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Bill Long wrote:

>> >gcc -o ../bin/rpm  main.o config.o db.o state.o cparse.o pfile.o utils.o
>>                ^^^
>> Hrm?
>the mud is RolePlayingMud

That'll conflict with the RedHat Package Manager (RPM) if you're not

>> You're running bpl12, aren't you?
>> --
>my problem was that in my -o line the $(LIBS) was missing so the -lcrypt
>wasnt getting linked.

Which was fixed in bpl13, so I guess bpl12.

Wasn't too far off I see. :)

Oh, random changes to developer site.  You may notice a new logo
(paintakingly created in 1 minute with GIMP), a more compact FTP site
update listing, and a new entry on the shortcut bar at the top and bottom

The SQL server is also running again since it hadn't started from the
cambot reboot last night.  That made searches a bit hard to do yesterday.
Also figured out I really don't have a 64kB limit on messages, it's just
the smallest text size field.  I'll fix that if people start repeatedly
sending me big patches.

I'll also start what's necessary to get the Ceramic Mouse mirror-able via

George Greer

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