Assorted bits

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/11/99

Ok, well, I have a brand new area of
to store my random stuff in now so some assorted notes:

My entire web page is now in /pub/greerga/www/

The Ceramic Mouse now has the HTML files mirrored into

New release of the database parser snapshot.  Now I'm getting into trying
to properly separate the SQL database frontend from the SQL driver
backends. Once that's done I'll continue fleshing things out to be usable.

Minor changes on the Ceramic Mouse itself including my new GIMP-crafted
1-minute logo, a better FTP site listing, and the new entry on the shortcut
bar.  I'll try to make it mirror friendly too.  Updated the WTFAQ to the
v1.1 I was sent yesterday.

Fixed a stupid bug in the Borland Makefile too. Replace '-P0' with '-P-'.

George Greer

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