Re: DG_cast

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 04/12/99

At 02:39 PM 4/12/99 -0400, you wrote:
>hey can anyone tell me how to get dg_cast to work so that when an item uses a
>spell like effect the intire mud dosent crash
>Mask ----)--LORD of SHADOWS --(----

Since it seems to work fine in a circle bpl14 + DG Scripts, on my RH5.0
Linux with pgcc, you should probably supply a little more information,
including what steps you've already taken to track things down. Also,
dg_cast, for objects and rooms, you need a "proxy" mobile who (invisibly)
casts the spell. dg_scripts.h, towards the top, sets this to vnum 1 (puff).
If you don't have a mob at vnum 1, you'll need to change this value and


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