Re: [CODE] Tick counter

From: Anthony Benjamin (
Date: 04/14/99

I am only a newbie coder and all, but I have a few suggestions...
If you want the dream at the start of each could put a small
function call in the point_update (located in the limits.c file)
function based on the premise the character is

    do your dream thing

and that would be called each tick when the players HP, MV, and MANA are
updated...Otherwise you could add a small function into do_sleep, and
then terminate that function when it pulses, either in point_update or
in the sleep

dreams junk
}while(originialHP < GETHIT(ch))

then it would just do the dream stuff over and over again until your hit
points were updated....problems with this include....what if they were
poisoned, killed, etc...but again, I am just a newbie coder, considering
I thought of this stuff, just by looking at the code, you are bound to
figure something out.

Good Night,

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Brian Heimgartner wrote:

>    I am trying to setup a tick counter so that when the person is
> sleeping, they get a random dream. How would I start of doing this?
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