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Date: 04/15/99

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What's the format of the social file?
Isnt it this:

<comands> 0 0 5 0
not here message
all your other messages

*Stare* hmm this is a pure cut and paste of the file found in

hehe a little reading will ofcourse do you good :)

The file is formatted as follows:

<command name> <hide-flag> <minimum position of victim>
<messg to character if no argument>
<messg to others if no argument>
<messg to char if victim found>           <---If this field is empty,
<messg to others if victim found>          <-
<messg to victim>                            | then these fields must be
<messg to char if victim not found>          | skipped, and the action will
<messg to char if vict is char>              | ignore arguments.
<messg to others if vict is char>          <-

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