Re: in battle command DG scrpits

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 04/15/99

Boy was the first guy to respond to your post rude.  Need to pull
the stick out.

1) Get the force patch for zone setting from the patch archive.
Then have the loads for the dogs depend on the the load of 3005,

That or you could use load triggers.  You will probably have to do
some coding to get the charm flag on the mobs though.  I have a mob
that follows another mobs auto-group and auto-assist.

2) What is so hard here?  Pick the appropriate trigger and go for it.

3) ok, this one gets ugly unless you don't care about the counter
resetting. (side note: ticks aren't 1minRL they are 1.25minRL or 75
seconds  Though mine are random from 50 to 100 seconds.)

Option a: Stick a counter int on the obj and have it updated when
all the other object stuff is updated, add a variable to the dg_scripts.c
file to check and set this counter and have this trigger be able to fire
off only when the counter == 0.

Option b: If you don't want to have an extra variable running around and
only want the item check when it has to be, you have to use an event system
and to keep the players from cheating the system too badly you are going
to need to save the state of events in the queue for this item.

Good Luck and get a better email, that BiBleBOYjr makes you look like
some script kiddie or Warez D00dz  (blegh)

Douglas Miller <> on 04/14/99 04:51:53 PM

1--i want to be able to use commands with my mobs via triggers... likeI
a mob #3005 that has 3 dogs that follow him around via the charmed flag...
how can i get mob 3005 to order them around and such to assist etc...

2--also i wan tot use a trigger to get a mob of mine to use items that I
created... the item is used via the "release sword" and then the item makes
mob that follows the mob so that it has a follower...

3--Also i want to know how to code an item so that it can only be used once
day or 1 per 24 min that the char is logged on

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