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From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 04/15/99

Someone wrote:
Perhaps if the room description depended on who it was that was looking? For
example, trees would appear huge to small hobbits or something and shrubs to
huge trolls (bad example, I know, but you get what I mean). I will have
seasonal things and day/night descriptions that are fairly constant, but
when it depends on whoever is looking....

Caram answers:
Its not to be rude, but will not this make builders overworked?
If you implement this a builder will have to make several room descriptions
for every room, and i think its hard enough to get hold of builders as it

This is not ment as a flame or anything im just warning the original poster.
(PS. I know the last post wasnt ment as an suggestion to a system or
anything, just spamremoval made me set your posting in my answer :)

Ok to take a calculation:
Lets say you have a 6 race system, where you have 4 seasons, day and night
(if we are to look at what has been suggested so far)
6 races for day and night are 12 descriptions, and then add up for 4 seasons
that should come to 48 descriptions. Maby im just stupid, but i think i you
try thinking on balance and set a quallity claim for your zone descriptions
you would be better off. since i guess for each 2nd room one of my builders
would be able to create one high qullity zone without mobiles and objects. I
dont know, maby I'm just looking at the restrictions

Take care - remember this is not a flame just one awakener, dont think to
far yet :)

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