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From: Andrew Ritchie (
Date: 04/15/99

1. Exactly. I don't want to overwork my builders, having to write 48
descriptions for each room. SO I was thinking about a scripting system. An

@desc = if(height(%ch) < 4)
           print("The trees loom high above you, casting a deep shadow over
the region.");
        else {
           print("You see a few shrubs around.");
        case (<4) { print("You feel lonely here, as you are so new."); }
        case (5)  { print("This isn't all that bad."); }
        case (>5) { print("You're the greatest player around..."); }

There are 6 possible outcomes with this simple script, but it's not all
_that_ long. Oh, and if I asked the builders to create 8 room descriptions
for every room they probably would. Especially seeing as I'm paying them by
the hour to write room descriptions.

>Caram answers:
>Its not to be rude, but will not this make builders overworked?
>If you implement this a builder will have to make several room descriptions
>for every room, and i think its hard enough to get hold of builders as it
>This is not ment as a flame or anything im just warning the original poster.
>(PS. I know the last post wasnt ment as an suggestion to a system or
>anything, just spamremoval made me set your posting in my answer :)

Thanks for your 'awakener' ;)

Andrew Ritchie,
Rippon Lea Mansion and Estate

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