Object Stacking

From: Darren Steinke (darrens@flashmail.com)
Date: 04/19/99

I know this may seem like a simple newbie question and I'll probly get
flamed for asking it but..
I have looked all over developer.circlemud.org, www.circlemud.org and the
ftp site plus 6 other snippets site. I read the WTFAQ and 2 other circlemud
FAQS and I can't seem to find no where any simple code for do_inventory and
object stacking.

Also..is there any way to do object stacking for attack messages?
For instance..lets say I have 5 attacks in a round..
and the attacks go like this: massacre, obliterate, annihilate, annilhate,
I would want the attacks to look like this:
you massacre
you obliterate
2*you annilhilate
you obliterate

can this be done?
thank you.

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