Re: C Books

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/20/99

        I personally enjoy "C: How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel, as a
starting book.  (They also do a decent rundown on C++ for the last couple
of chapters.. I believe their first book was on c++ and they're biased).

        Despite what anyone says, K&R (second edition even) is more
something to make your bookshelf look good to other people who know what
it is.

        Personally speaking, I don't think the book is a big deal.  I
always end up purchasing a book that's large if I have a choice.  Why?
Because I learn things by defining a goal - "Write a 2 player chess
program" or "Animate an icon.  If the book is big enough, I can use it
like an encyclopedia - look up in the index, find what I need, and I'm
done.  The most recent perl book is structured in this way I believe -
something like 100 pages of "here's perl, kinda" and 300 pages of

        So, buy big is my call. The more info you can get, the more
examples you find, the more code you can peruse, the easier you can find
the info you're looking for...

(if you're curious, dietel is 920 pages, and printed on thin paper, looks
like 300)


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