[AD] - Head Coder position open

From: Tom Dailey (tomd@waymark.net)
Date: 04/23/99


ZombieMUD, a 4 yr old circle bpl8 (upgraded of course) is looking for
someone who has the time and desire to code for an established mud.

We're looking for someone who wants to have fun and the flexibility to
add to the game what they feel would fit.  It would not be the type of
relationship where we tell you what to code and you code it.  We do
have ideas of where we want to go, of course, but would like the coder's
experience and input.  The imm staff looks at mudding as a game, a hobby
to spend time away from  the duldrums of real life.

We have a decent player base (lower than in the past due to moving) and
a large world (12K+ rooms, 90% original).

If you want to check us out, please stop by and ask for either Gore or Krin.

Thanks and I appreciate the patience for those who do not like coder ads on
mailing list.

Tom aka Gore
zombie.terminal.org 2150

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