From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/23/99

        I hate chess, but it did give me a needed respite from coding new
skills and spells.  The chess.patch and chess.README will explain better
than I, but to make it short;

        It makes a spec_proc that you assign to an object and the object
is then a chess board, it allows two people to play chess.

        The only problems I've seen with it so far:

        It lets you move into check mate.  Frankly, if you move into
checkmate you deserve to loose. Suck it up.

        It doesn't stop when you've captured the king.  It ought to, but I
guess I didn't put the 'GET_OBJ_VAL(board,0) = 3' or '=4' in there.  Left
as an exercise to the reader.  Again, suck it up.

                That's about it.


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