From: Mike Carpenter (
Date: 04/25/99

Whenever I use the last possible bit for say room_flags,
I get INVALID BITVECTOR displayed.  I have constants.c properly
done and in the right order for room_flags.  Olc.h has been increased
to the proper number.  And it appears to work.  This has happened
for both room_flags and prfs.  Whenever the last bit gets used,
INVALID BITVECTOR shows up.  But works.  Anyone ever see this and
have any ideas on what I should do to fix it?

I looked for some information in the FAQs, but found nothing on it.  I also
tried doing a search in the mail archives, but a bad url kept popping up.
looked on the bugs page, nothing was evident there...

I'm using bpl12..and no I do not desire to use the newest bpl and port over
ALL my customized code.  So please do not flame me with...upgrade to
the newest..If you don't have any thoughts on this or haven't seen this
please do not flame me.

Thanks in advance,

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