Re: (was) DG Scripts error.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/26/99

> I am sure most everyone's questions have been asked before.
        Actually, I was kinda curious about accidental deaths due to q-tip
misuse.  Anyone hear anything about that?

        Aside from such, there really is a wealth of information lurking
in the list archives, and most questions that I see can be answered by a
bit of persual though said archives.

        Even if you've been around for a while, it's still worth it to
occasionally scan through the old posts.  I know I keep a personal copy of
every mail with either code, or interesting ideas. I've got around 20 megs
or so of mail that I peruse when I'm looking for a project idea, and I've
yet to come up short.

The obvious being stated, I'll now turn to something newer:

        Anyone try out the chess board spec_proc? I've not gotten much
feed back on that, hopefully it's more because no one likes playing such a
mealy game as chess, than because it sucked :)

        I mean, yes, chess sucks, but the code was alright.


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