[CONCEPT] Ideas on implementing Gemions (Materia)

From: Phil Durand (phildurand@home.com)
Date: 04/29/99

I'm trying to change the way spells are cast... I've taken the Idea from
MATERIA from Final Fantasy VII.. Basically, this is how it works:

- Gemions are objects, that contain magical properties, that can be worn
(will change the name of the command for these objects to be "worn" I'll
just dupe the WEAR part into something like "install gemion" type deal)

- There are 5 Different Gemion colors, those being 5 different categories,
in those categories there are several Gemion's for each category, each
Gemion, like for example, the Ice Gemion, casts a number of spells, three of
those being at the moment "Ice", "Ice 2", "Ice 3" which is an Ice attack
against the opponent. Ice 3 being stronger than Ice2 or Ice.

- These different materias, have a experience level attached to the object,
they start at 0 of course, which allows for the "Ice" spell only in the Ice
Gemion's case, after ye amount of exp that casting ice returns to the
Gemion, the Gemion earns a new level, allowing Ice 2, and so forth.

- These objects can be removed, or installed into the object that you are
wielding. Each object has a different amount of gemion slots that can be

- To protect from level 1 characters using a very power gemion, the original
user of a gemion, gives their level to the gemion, being a MIN_LEVEL, so
that only characters above or equal to that original owner can use them.

- Gemions that are generic, or common, will be bought in Gemion stores in

If anyone could help me concoct a way of coding this into my mud, that would
be wonderfull.

Thank you all for your time.

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