Persistance of color.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/30/99

        A minor cosmetic problem I've noticed with color is that while
reading a message, or some other long string pushed through page_string(),
color doesn't stay what it ought to if it's interrupted.

        If I am reading a board or something, and get a tell (which has
color in it, and terminates by 'returning' the color to nothing, or
default) the color in the message that I am reading is also nulled out.

        So, I need to either
a) register each color a character recieves
   make the 'saved' color immutable once they recieve the line that reads:
[Return to continue, (q)uit, (r)efresh, (b)ack, or page number (x/x) ]
        (or something like that)
   return to 'saved' color after return, q, refresh, back, or page number?

b) find a way to query the client for it's current color, and save that
state, and return it when you're done.

        In anycase, I was curious if anyone else tackled this one.  It
seems like it could possibly be done in a better way.


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