From: Shaun Bourque (GraspCHAOS@aol.com)
Date: 05/06/99

thanks for your help! with your suggestions i was able to change the code and
make the new line in score to work.... but now i am getting some warnings.
They are just warnings, and probably something simple i'm just not seeing,
and the new score does work on the mud without any problems that i can see,
but the warnings bother me. this is the warning i get

warning: array subscript has type 'char'

i get that three times with the three changes i have made.. this is the code
it refers to

sprintf(buf, "%s: You are a %d year old %s %s %s. Your level is %d.",
 GET_NAME(ch), GET_AGE(ch), gender[GET_SEX(ch)], pc_race_types[GET_RACE(ch)],
pc_class_types[GET_CLASS(ch)],  GET_LEVEL(ch));
send_to_char(buf, ch);

i added a couple externs...
extern const char *pc_class_types[] and the same for race

if someone could shed some light on why it gives me those warnings i would be
most appreciative. thanks again

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