Re: MUD updating from pl12

From: Del (
Date: 05/07/99

George Greer wrote:
> On Thu, 6 May 1999, Roger Smith wrote:
> >I would like to final update my messy MUD code to the most recent patch
> >level (maybe i'll do it when pl16 comes out), but I have a question.
> >
> >Should I patch 12->13->14->15->16 or is that the same as downloading a stock
> >12 and a stock 16 and then making my own patch comparing those two
> >patchlevels?  I hope my question is understandable.  :)
> I'd use the patches.
> If you downloaded bpl16 (only bpl15 at the moment) then you'd have to sort
> out what you changed versus what we changed all in one clump.

I would rather do the changes I made in one clump. Than to fix 4 sets of
reject files and worry about what was changed in this patch, then that patch,
then the next, then the next.. and if he waits till 16, then one more patch..

It is a lot easier to pull all his changes (he knows why it is in there, I
hope) and apply it to the newer version.
Maybe some of his code can be made simpler (or might not work at all with
newer patches). This way he can see easier what he wants to add back in or
(been there, done that) When I went from 12 to 14.
It will also make it much easier to grab the newer versions of Oasis, DG
Scripts, etc.. patch them in cleanly, and then toss in his changes.

there would be many patches to do, to get from 12 to 15(16) and then patch in
possibly dg scripts 5a - 6 - 7.. (how about one patch vice 6 or more)

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