Re: MUD updating from pl12

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 05/08/99

> > > You'll want to go 12->13->14->15->16
> >
> > Actually I would not attempt that at all!!!!
> >
> > If code is messy, just think how many rej's he will have for
> > each upgrade!
> You didn't read everything that I had to say. I specifically told him to
> hand-patch, not auto-patch. That way he would not have to fight with reject
> files.
> In ALL cases, you should hand-patch, that way you know what the hell "your"
> code is doing.

I'm actually looking forward to 12->13->...->15...I'm running bpl12
(technically) atm, and have been meaning to upgrade for a while.

By going through each and every patch file, it eliminates a lot of the
"newbie" type questions that may be sent.  Also, I guess it allows you to
actually *understand* what's being changed bwn patchlevels (as well as
reading ChangeLogs) and indeed, may alert you to a bug that noone yet has

Besides, since when was a ~600kb patch file a bad thing. :)


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