From: Justin P. (bobat94@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 05/08/99

I have just finished up a spell that I had laying around in the code for
months called corpse host. Basically it transfers a persons descriptor in
the same manner as the god command switch,but it has limitations on duration
and automatically switches the player back. Now the only problems I can
foresee would be players transferring into the corpses to murder other
players, and to get through traps with little risk to themselves so I have
put flags on the host body to prevent player killing (for now) and there is
a low chance of death per casting of the spell, but does anyone else see any
problems I might have with this code in the future...

Also due to players now being able to take over mob type bodies the return
command also works for them any foreseeable(is that a word?) problems with
doing that?

I don't want to put it in for players until I'm sure I have seen everything
that could be abused.

2nd question is how would you go about letting the player gain exp while
adventuring in this form.
should I have them make a save vs death if they host dies?

Another fact is even though the person is considered linkless their bodies
are vulnerable to attack without players knowledge and the player in host
body will die as well and be sent back to original body.

Ok i think I have covered all aspects of the spell. Any ideas you may offer
are greatly appreciated.

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