Re: [NEWBIE] auto-reboot??

From: Michael Selehov (
Date: 05/11/99

Hello Christopher,

Monday, Monday, May 03, 1999, you wrote:

CJB> i'm running circlemud 3.0b pl15 on a win98 machine with msvc++.  i have no
CJB> idea how to auto-reboot after crashes...=(  my builders are getting
CJB> annoyed...=(  anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.  if anyone
CJB> know how to get the executeable to re-run after a crash, please explain
CJB> how.  thank you.

I use __try {} __except structure.

in comm.c, in function init_game() make this:

    log("SYSERR: Cought exception in game_loop()! Restarting.");

And re-run mud in batch-file. That's all you may need.
(Also you can make same thing with calling boot_db()if your mud
crashes when loading)

Sincerely yours,
 Michael Selehov                  

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