From: Alex (
Date: 05/11/99

> Anyone else think that like there should be a base circlemud located
> at "telnet://" just so people can go there and chat
> about circlemud, talk about stuff??...Just a thought.
There is one... when a new version is beginning that is...

Gee, reminds me of the first days of CircleMUD 3.0 (bpl pre 1...)

Yes, I found a bug on it... although, I don't remember what it was,
and if I recall correctly, someone else found it five minutes before
me.  Buh.

There isn't one because it would mean that Jeremy, George, and I would
have to administer something we don't want to, or have time to.  If you
want to chat about CircleMUD, put up a mud, use IRC, ICQ, or something
as such.


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