[CODE] autoeq

From: Shaun Bourque (GraspCHAOS@aol.com)
Date: 05/12/99

I am wondering if anybody out there has tried to use the code contained in
this file:


in order to try to implement an autoequipment feature. I have put all the
code in the file into place and compiled it without a problem. Then i did a
pwipe and an player object wipe because thats what the file says may need to
be done. after all that and a reboot it doesnt work. the equip returns to
inventory when unrenting and entering the game.
If anyone out there has attempted to use this code and has came across this
same problem, or if i am overlooking something that needs to be done in order
to get it to work, i would appreciate any suggestions. if not i will yank it
all back out and try a different snippet, although i would love to avoid that.

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