Re: [CODING] XAPOBJS Patch: objsave

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 05/13/99

I believe George would be the most qualified to advise exactly what got
change bwn the original autoeq patch, and what's actually in the bpl15

My obj_file_elem looks like this atm:
struct obj_file_elem {
   obj_vnum item_number;
   sh_int locate;  /* that's the (1+)wear-location (when equipped) or
                    (20+)index in obj file (if it's in a container) BK */
   int  value[4];
   int  extra_flags;
   int  anti_flags;
   int  weight;
   int  timer;
   long bitvector;
   struct obj_affected_type affected[MAX_OBJ_AFFECT];

At first sight, perhaps changing your location to "locate" might work
(don't see why not), and then decide how much bpl14+xapobjs and
bpl15+autoeq conflicts...

Might want to put the following somewhere (It's in objsave.c here):
#define MAX_BAG_ROW 5
/* should be enough - who would carry a bag in a bag in a bag in a
   bag in a bag in a bag ?!? */

I advise you take a copy of xapobjs, circlebpl15 and then grab the
original autoeq code entitled autoeq-bpl11.tar.gz by Burkhard Knopf ---
compare the change in that archive to a patch of bpl14->bpl15, and you
should spot the changes rather simply.

When all else fails, download circle30bpl14.tar.gz (or bz2 or zip), patch
in xapobj, get to know your code a bit better, then upgrade to bpl15.

Btw, if you're using Win9x, then strcasecmp won't be declared.  You're
after stricmp, which is easily code:
      if (!stricmp(arg, *(list + i)))
      if (!strcasecmp(arg, *(list + i)))

If you're a *NIX buf, then you're fine. :)


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 Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld
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