Re: OK, new Olc problem. hehe (Getting there. hehe)

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 05/13/99

George, your a legend,
                                   now it doesn't crash when ya save a new
object, but :)

This is what I get when I make a new object:

<> oedit 1520
-- Item number : [1520]
1) Namelist : unfinished object
2) S-Desc   : an unfinished object
3) L-Desc   :-

Bit of editing of the object in here.

E) Extra descriptions menu
Q) Quit
Enter choice : q
Do you wish to save this object internally? : y
Saving object to memory.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> olc
The following files need saving:
 - object data for zone 15.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> oedit save 15
Saving all objects in zone 15.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> load obj 1520
There is no object with that number.

Happens for all new objects, no matter what zone I make the object in.


PS. Sorry about not mentioning it before. I'm running the mud on my home
puter. Running win95, compiling with VC++ v6.0

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