Re: [CODING] XAPOBJS Patch: objsave

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/13/99

> I believe George would be the most qualified to advise exactly what got
> change bwn the original autoeq patch, and what's actually in the bpl15
> one.
> SNIP + paraphrased
> so, replace location with locate and it should work.

        That should work just fine.

> Btw, if you're using Win9x, then strcasecmp won't be declared.  You're
> after stricmp, which is easily code:
>       if (!stricmp(arg, *(list + i)))
> #else
>       if (!strcasecmp(arg, *(list + i)))
> #endif

        Technically, I should have probably used str_cmp() which is the
case insensitive match from circle utils.c file.  Of course, I was under
the assumption that it was actually "_stricmp" for windows - stricmp with
an underscore before it.  Not sure why, But I seem to remember that was
the difference that worked.


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