Re: OasisOLC v2.0-pre6 (Still getting there)

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 05/13/99

Excellent, now makes new objects. :)  (Great work, ya just too cool.)

2 new things however.

(1) I don't know if this is implemented yet or not. But if I make an object
in a zone that doesn't currently have an obj file. Like oedit 1200, it
creates the 12.obj file no probs, but doesn't add 12.obj to the index list.

(2) If I edit an item thats I'm currently wearing it gets all wacked up. If I
remove and purge it. Then reload it, its fine however.

Screen dump:

<> eq
You are using:
<worn on head>       a magnificent black-blue helmet ..It has a soft glowing
<worn on hands>      a pair of troll gauntlets

editing worn helmet

3) Goto next description: <Not set>

0) Quit
Enter choice : 0
-- Item number : [1200]
1) Namelist : blue black helmet
2) S-Desc   : a magnificent black-blue helmet
3) L-Desc   :-
A shiny helmet has been left here.
4) A-Desc   :-
<not set>
5) Type        : ARMOR
6) Extra flags : GLOW MAGIC
7) Wear flags  : TAKE HEAD
8) Weight      : 8
9) Cost        : 0
A) Cost/Day    : 0
B) Timer       : 0
C) Values      : 15 0 0 0
D) Applies menu
E) Extra descriptions menu
Q) Quit
Enter choice : q
Do you wish to save this object internally? : y
Saving object to memory.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> olc
The following files need saving:
 - object data for zone 12.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> oedit save 12
Saving all objects in zone 12.

500/500H 82/82V>
<> eq
You are using:
<worn on head>
has a soft glowing aura!
<worn on hands>      a pair of troll gauntlets

500/500H 82/82V>
<> remove all
You stop using
You stop using a pair of troll gauntlets.

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