OasisOLC v2.0-pre7

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 05/14/99


If you don't have snprintf(), read Makefile.in near '$(CC) -o'

If you don't have GCC, my experiment in dependencies may bust.  Just use
one of the previous patches Makefile.in.

If it weren't for midnight I could've released two versins on one day.

Thanks to some great testing, here's the changes:

* Addition of Julian Buckley's object minimum levels and permanent affects
  (Except right now the permanent affects aren't affected to people.)

* Consolidated duplicate code for free()'ing object strings.

* Fixed object strings going away after updating an object.

* Fixed objects appearing as vnum -1.

* Removed redundant assignment in add_object() inner loop.

* Fixed save_all() to do vnum->rnum translation.

* Fixed save_all() to not go into infinite loop on bad save record.

* More send_to_char -> SEND_TO_Q changes.

Known bugs:

* A last second change to oasis.c made it into the .tar.gz file but not the
  patch.  It's a minor memory leak I'll fix in the next release:

diff -up OasisOLCv2.0-pre7/oasis.c OasisOLCv2.0-pre8/oasis.c
--- OasisOLCv2.0-pre7/oasis.c   Fri May 14 04:17:50 1999
+++ OasisOLCv2.0-pre8/oasis.c   Fri May 14 04:01:35 1999
@@ -299,8 +299,10 @@ void cleanup_olc(struct descriptor_data
    * aren't part of the prototype any longer.  They get added
    * with str_dup().
-  if (OLC_OBJ(d))
+  if (OLC_OBJ(d)) {
+    free(OLC_OBJ(d));
+  }

    * Check for a mob.  free_mobile() makes sure strings are not in

Should be only 2 or so more patches to go before the final release.

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