[NEWBIE] Bpl15 AutoEquip

From: Chris Royal (DraugWndSh@aol.com)
Date: 05/14/99

While doing some browsing through the BPL15 code, I noticed a void auto_equip
function in objsave.c that wasnt' there in BPL14... "Eh?" I thought to myself
at the bleary hour of 5 in the morning... I then proceeded to boot up the
BPL15 copy of my work in progress and log in to check this out... loaded up a
few items on a dummy character(As well as myself as IMP), equipped them..
saved and quit.

No dice - objects were left on the ground.

Scratched my head, editted config.c, turned renting back on, rebooted the MUD.

Again I equipped a dummy character(Again did it with my IMP character as
well) with some items, saved him, and rented out.

Again, no dice - the objects were left on the ground.

I searched through the code, thinking maybe this function was doing something
other than what I'd assumed it would be doing.  Its quite possible that I
missed something, and I checked through the archives and didn't see any posts
about this so I'll ask it:

Did I miss a toggle somewhere?  Is it just framework to be fully realized
soon?  Is it broken?

Any answers would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Note:  It isn't a stock BPL15 mud, its got ASCII rent and pfiles, Oasis 6b,
DG scripts, corpse saving, copyover, etc etc... if one of those overrides
this function, I may've missed it, but everything compiles without complaint.

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