Date: 05/14/99

>I did follow this through. :(  And I d/led what I think was a stock copy
>from the circle mud home page.
>Seems I have a corrupted install maybe.
>Same 130 errors again.

Hmm...., I finally posted something on this list..., been a while :)

There are a few things I can think of that could cause this..., mostly having
the wrong project settings selected.  Make sure that you don't have MFC turned
on, or just about anything else except what you need.  Precompiled headers can
cause some wierd errors when converting projects and stuff, but I've never had
problems with them on a new project, and I usually have just as many problems
trying to get them off properly (and it compiles REALLY slow when ya do)

Did you try using the project file that is on my WWW page? (link again below
in case you lost it)

Sometimes VC++ also puts the "important" error of the bunch at the end, so if
the above ideas don't fix it, post the last 10 or so errors here (the last bunch
before they start to repeat)

For everyone else...., if you haven't seen my WWW page recently, I added a few
discussion boards there last week.  Stuff doesn't have to be windows related
to post there, they are general CircleMUD discussions.

<a href="">HTML link for a few of you</a>

Rob (AKA Shirak) -

PS: If this message looks screwed up, sorry, writing from WWWMail client here.

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