Re: Id num 1 player and new subject

From: John Hines (
Date: 05/14/99

> Have  anybody had the problem that player with idnum 1 gets deleted
> sometimes?
> Has happened twice to me and I have no idea why :(
> Ronny

I have had a stange occurance of the sort. Seems that I create the
idnum1 char and the second person i log on also receives
implementor level automatically

strange occurance but yes it is that way. i havent began to even
look for the problem yet.

I am using mike cunningham's everything patch (ascii pfiles and
other goodies)

if i spot the problem with this soon i will let y'all know


I was wondering if anyone has completed an automatic stat fill for
medit/oedit. Automatically fill in the standard stats with defaults
that could be changed. This is another project i havent looked at
much but if anyone has done so i think i may need a bit of help
with it. I sit down, look at the code and i see humongous switch in
front of me. there has to be a better way


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