[NEWBIE] [CODE] Vampires

From: Don Goodner (goofy2@flash.net)
Date: 05/14/99

Bob is a vampire. Bob bites John. John is now a vampire.
John bites Mike. Mike is now a vampire. Mike kills Bob.
No one is a vampire anymore.

How do I get this to work?

I'm left with several options. The simplest and most efficient
at this point is to have a VAMPIRE player flag, rather than
creating a vampire race. My problem with creating a vampire
race, would be reverting all vampires to their race prior to being
bitten. Maybe an original_race in the structs... anyway,

It seems simpler to have a VAMPIRE player flag. If Player A
bites Player B, Player B becomes a  vampire  and gets tagged
as being created by Player A... this is easy enough with


however, how do I remove the PLR_VAMPIRE bit from
player B if player A loses their PLR_VAMPIRE bit? Player
A could lose their VAMPIRE flag either by death, or upon
the death of the vampire who created them... so it would
affect any vampires created by any vampires player A
created... GOD, am I being over explanatory?

Anyway, suggestions from you seasoned folk would be

Thank you
Don Goodner

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