Multiple ports?

From: Andrew Ritchie (
Date: 05/19/99

Is it possible to run a server (mud or otherwise) on two different ports at
the same time without running two different instances? I'd like to run my
MUD on port 8080 as well, which would probably allow most people who cannot
conect to the game because of a firewall to access the game, as 8080 is
normally used for http. I don't think many firewalls block /this/ port.

Is it possible to bind to two different ports, and make the game listen on
both ports, and handle both ports? This will be hard because I know one of
the select() functions blocks until a user has connected to the game. I
could probably take that blocking code out, and the game should run fine. In
fact, I have done so and it does - you just don't get the "No connections.
Going to sleep." message and the MUD keeps ticking over, which isn't such a
bad thing.

Any help would be appreciated,


Andrew Ritchie,
Rippon Lea Mansion and Estate

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