Re: Circle Documentation

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 05/19/99

<< Nothing that I found in the WTFAQ on how to do this seems to apply to
bpl15. >>

I guess that's a hint...  there's not *much* of a difference, but from what
I've heard, there are some changes.

I haven't really spent much time looking at bpl15, but I'll take the time
this weekend to glance through it and write some additions to the manuals for
those of you running it.

I apologize for the lack of additions to the WTFaq... I have some stuff
sitting on my hard drive to add to it, just haven't had the largest amount of
time to put it all together.

On my WTFaq todo list:
   - That fully complete spell manual I mentioned a week ago...
   - remove the ITLibrary stuff (waste of space)
   - append information to manuals for those using bpl15.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send them to me.

B. Brown
WebMaster, CircleMUD WTFaq

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