[CODE] Creating Surnames and Masks

From: Phil Durand (phildurand@home.com)
Date: 05/20/99

I'm trying to create surnames, and masks, by masks I mean...

A character can type: mask <text> and this will be displayed instead of the:

Name    Surname    Title            Position
Dumbo    Dinky    the Elephant    is standing here.

Instead of the characters lising like this, I'd want to have the mask (skill
maybe, but maybe for everyone)

Name    Surname    Mask
Dumbo    Dinky    is walking around aimlessly. <-- user defined

Anyways, I probably beat a dead cow on that one.

So, I tried to copy the way circle creates the character name, for the
surname... But it seems that I'm not getting it completely right.. First
off, I create it at the same time, and at every place where the players name
is created. I save it in the player file, just like the name, and everything
seems to work as far as saving it goes... The only thing that doesn't work
properly, is that sometimes it becomes NULL, and if a function tries to use
it... BOOM..

So, I dont understand what is going on with that. I dont know how to explain
it more than that. Another thing that I dont get... is why do I need to use
the CREATE macro, like with the name of the character, when you dont need to
use it for everything else. If I add new ch->points or anything in the
player_saved, I dont need to call CREATE for it... If someone could stick me
in my place for this one, then that would be great.

The same thing goes for the mask, I will probably use it in the same way as
the surname so...

Thanks for listening...

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