Annoying Pager

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 05/23/99

If you're like me, the pager probably bugs you, when you send out something
like the motd (from in the game), and page_string() cuts it into tiny pieces
even though there're fewer lines than PAGE_LENGTH (modify.c I believe) which
is 22.

The thing is, if you write up to 79 characters, your \r\n adds two more,
making that 81 characters when strlen() counts it.  Then, the pager checks to
see if you exceed 80 characters, in which case it counts it as an extra line,
making it so that something short and sweet gets only 14 lines on a page.

I incremented PAGE_LENGTH in modify.c to 81, thereby fixing this problem.  I
haven't tested this to see if the 81st character causes regular telnet clients
to get unhappy, but I think I recommend it.

Hrm, I guess that's it.


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