Re: [NEWBIE] advice circle3.0 pl14-15

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 05/23/99

<< i am using circle30bpl14 and am thinking on using the 14 to 15 patch. i am
 wondering if this would best be done by using the actual patch command (which
 i am not that familiar with) or hand patching it (which looks like it would
 take some time). thanks for any advice.

Have you looked through the patch?  Have you seen anything that _you_ feel
might be worthwhile to add to your MUD?

Suffice it to say, a higher bpl doesn't mean that it's a better version that
the last one.  Especially if you've made complex changes to your own code.'

Basically, it comes down to a judgement call:  if you see things in the new
code that may be necessary in the future for your MUD, then add them in... if
it looks like a waste of time, then don't.

B. Brown
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