Re: Dynamic mobiles?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/23/99

> Heya all,
>          I'm just about to start working on a system
> whereby mobs in the mud have a life of their own. They
> will go shopping, eat and sleep, goto work, etc etc.
> The above section will be slowly added, to start with
> however I want to add realistic mob to mob combat. So
> if a fox walks into the same room as a rabbit it will
> attack it. If a Drow rading party walk in on a Dwarven
> Patrol, a battle will begin. Etc etc
> Has anyone done anything like this before? If so do
> you have any recommendations as to what I should be
> careful of/keep a watch out for?
> My ultimate aim is to have my world function without
> any PC input. A player could just sit there and watch
> the world go by if he/she wanted. Also it will mean
> that PC's can join NPC adventuring groups and follow
> them into battles. I plan to have a border town
> between my good race and evil race areas which is
> continually fought over by mobs. PC can then join
> in and help their races take and keep the town.
> Any input on the idea would be greatly appreciated.

        I'm not going to say it works 100% but long time ago, I wrote a
'path editor'.  It allows for time-based customized paths for a mob.  For
example, I could set it so the mayor would walk to certain rooms at
certain times. Like:

        at 10:30 go to the east gate
        at 10:31 open the gate
        at 10:32 go to the west gate
        at 10:33 open the west gate

        It only knows two types of commands right now - go to room (vnum)
and perform action.  Both of these are time based, so it may not work very
well without some tweaking (like, what to do if you're not at the west
gate by 10:33).

        I'm sure with a little prodding, you could get that 'perform
action' thing to be 'perform mob_prog/dgscript'.  That wouldn't be so

        The path editor should be on the circlemud ftp site.


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