Re: Annoying Pager (correction) and ObCircle

From: Melissa Jadwinski (
Date: 05/23/99

>I've I system of adverbs on my game. So you have the verb, lets say smile,
>and five or six adverbs on average for every verb. So, you might have smile
>eviley, smile heartily, smile happily, smile anxiously and smile tensely.

I have an adverb system for socials on my mud.  I basically load a text file
containing a list of adverbs (currently around 300) and then accept a third
argument to the social.  'nod meer anem' becomes 'You nod at Meer anemically.'
I used a $v in the social string to specify where the adverb should go; just
takes a little string processing to strip out excess spaces when there isn't
an adverb chosen.  Anyway, it seems to add more variety to the standard
socials :)
If anyone's interested I could whip up a patch (email me, not the list).

Meer/Melissa Jadwinski/

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