Re: [NEWBIE] Error in adding DG to bpl15

From: Chris Royal (
Date: 05/24/99

That's what I forgot to do.. was going to post the lines.. don't know what I
was thinking.


      else if (!strn_cmp(cmd, "extract", 8))
        extract_value(sc, trig, cmd);

      else if (!strn_cmp(cmd, "makeuid", 8))        <<  These are the two
        makeuid_var(go, sc, trig, type, cmd);          <<       in question

      else if (!strn_cmp(cmd, "halt", 4))


I would also like to note that commenting these lines out produces the same
error on the same lines.

As for my OS.. the server is Linux RedHat 5.1.  Nope, haven't tried patching
it into a clean bpl15 yet.. I just assumed(yes, bad I know:P) that it would
work on a clean copy.


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