CopyOver 5 (I've looked in the Mailing List Archives)

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 05/24/99

I've looked in the mailing list archives, but #1 the search doesn't work,
and #1 my browser couldn't find anythign on CopyOver...

If anyone has come across this problem, please let me know and we can talk
about it:

I have installed the copyOver patch, on CircleMUD 3.0 BPL15, and it seemed
to me like things went in well (I patched by hand). When CopyOver is
started, it disconnects the players on the mud, and restarts the mud, but
has errors as its going through the CopyOver recovery...

CopyOver recovery initiated.
SYSERR: write_to_descriptor: Permission denied
SYSERR: write_to_descriptor: Permission denied
Person un-renting and entering game.
Person (level 125) has 0 objects (max 100).
Entering game loop.
SYSERR: Select poll: Permission denied
Closing all sockets.
Closing link to: Person.
Normal termination of game.
BUF: Shutting down.
BUF: Clearing buffer memory.
BUF: Clearing malloc()'d memory.
BUF: Done.

Now, I thought that CopyOver claimed that it would NOT disconnect the
players (I see that it tries to RE-connect them (or reenter them into the
game) But if the client has disconnected, then it wont be able to keep the
connection obviously... Now I'm not sure why its doing this.

I do remember reading something about the creator of CopyOver changing the
Connectiveness that DOES stay connected and whatnot, but he wasn't very
clear.. If anyone has solved this problem, please write me.

Thank you for your time.

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