[CODE] [LIB] [SYSTEM-WIN95] Woirld building software

From: Joe Buchanan (plazmic98@yahoo.com)
Date: 05/26/99

I just want to clear up a few things about the world
editor I am currently writing.
1) There is a beta download site at:
2) It handles Windows- and Unix-style text files.
3) It reads constants.c for individual mud settings.
   constants.c MUST be in the base world directory
   (ie. c:\circle30bpl15\lib\world\constants.c)
4) Only .wld are editable right now, and so constants.c
   is the only file needed.  In future versions, more
   files may be needed (spell names for items, etc)
5) It is very early beta, but not alpha.
6) It doesn't handle a complete re-write of the world
   file system.  Custom file formats (such as adding a
   fourth integer to the exits section of a room MAY
   be added in later betas)

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