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From: Vaughan Williams (
Date: 05/28/99

Just a quick one.

I started to use Mudeditor from ShadowSoft, which is not to bad. But the
biggest thing that I did not like about it
is that, when you save the zon file it takes out all the comments..So next
time you want to see whats loading where,
you have to find out what it is the hard way. I can understand why, but it;s
still a pain.

Strange as it may seem I have gone back to making zones the old fashion way
with a good old text editor.

I have bee using CircleEdit to do the wld file but even that seems to take
more time than a good old cut and paste, then

But if a great MUD editor did come along that was quick, easy and had all
the options, then yeah I will have two please.

Just my thoughts.

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> First off, I never ran across CircEdit32 before.  I did visit their
> website, and it seems that production stalled 2 years ago with the
> .wld editor only in place.
> Second, the editor I am writing won't require people to manually add
> all the customizations they've made.
> I do appreciate both sides of the feedback I'm getting from the list.
> You can't improve a program with only praise.  You need someone to
> say
> "This part sucks!"
> Plazmic
> >         Actually I think there's one out there that was written at
> > least a
> > year or two ago called circedit or something like that.  It allows
> > you
> > to configure your flags - both names and values.  You just go to
> > the
> > configuration page, use the radio buttons to select which values
> > are
> > usable, and it fills in the value (or you can specifify the value
> > it uses
> > for that flag -handy if you want to avoid (1 << 0) for example).
> >
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