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Date: 05/28/99

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<< i have added more classes via the how to add classes section on the Mouse
 wtfaq. when i set an object !one of the new classes, using OLC, things go
 crazy. the butchers CANT wear !baker things but CAN wear !butcher, bakers
 CANT wear !butcher things but CAN wear !baker things. tailors CAN wear
 !tailor things, and everything else.
 are there some modifications i need to make to some olc files in order for
 the proper things to be set? thanks for any suggestions.

Did you check your logic statements?  Make sure you have ==s where they
should be and != where they should be.  Also, make sure you ARE using two ==
and not just the single one...

For reference, == is generally comparison - = is generally to signify turning
the variables to equal one another.

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