Overlapping Memory

From: Phil Durand (phildurand@home.com)
Date: 05/28/99

Ok, I am a little confused... I have made some skills, now I have all the
skill slots filled in, up to 280. I've got this set like this

Spells 0 - 130
Skills 131 - 280
Object Skills/Spells 281-299

Now, this hasn't change the max ammounts... 299. Many of the other settings,
like languages, color settings, and conditions, are being overwritten by
some of the last few skills...

I changed the byte skills[MAX_SKILLS+1]; to unsigned short
skills[MAX_SKILLS+1]; Now, this didn't help at all, everything still gets

Either way, byte, or unsigned short (word) it still gets overwritten.. Does
anyone have any hints on why this is happening, and how I can fix it?

Thanks a bunch

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