From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 05/29/99


       11613 May 29 20:25 OasisOLCv2.0-pre10.patch
      365558 May 29 20:26 OasisOLCv2.0-pre10.tar.gz

Patch is relative to -pre9.

* Minor do_users change.

* Update mobile strings for existing mobiles since we free()
  the old string.

* Changes so that shops work when bpl16 is released.

* Fix for exits, not all were being updated.

* Set the zone number for new rooms.

* Off-by-one error in room flags for redit.

Same deal, if nothing major, real release this weekend.

Then I get DG Scripts wedged in there and start Obuild stuff.

George Greer

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