[FTP Access] ftp://ftp.circlemud.org/pub/greerga/www/working

From: QA Developer (developer@csgmail.artisoft.com)
Date: 06/02/99

I used to be able to get into this directory and compare files but lately
it is locked with a 553 Permission Denied

I've read the:

[3]working is special though.
   It'll take you over to the current up to the nanosecond copy of my
   tree of the CVS and whatever other projects I happen to have in that
   particular directory. If the permissions don't allow access to a
   directory in working, it's set that way for a reason.

I wanted to check the working files as a compare of the latest pre-10 fix.
I think something messed up and wanted to do a file comp.

Oh well.  Im just reporting this in case the permissions were inadvertently
left in the closed position.

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