Re: limits?

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 06/04/99

Please let me know what happens to your MUD when you do change the
MAX_SKILLS value above 200... I have done that, and pwiped, but now, the
last several skills overlap other player saved data... and both are
interchangable dynamically while online, so practicing skill Silence for
example, changed the color setting of the player..


> >   Hello, is there a certin limit on the number of spells and/or skills I
> > can place on a MUD?    Circle30bpl14 + OLC + DG_Scripts = Mess  :)
> Yes, look at MAX_SKILLS, MAX_SPELLS, think it's placed somewhere in
> structs.h, If you decide to change the MAX_SKILLS (which I currently
> remember as the one being the important number) you'll either have to make
> a Converter or simply make a pwipe (the latter I hate)..

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